Visval is a Swiss engineering company, specialising in the design and manufacture of systems to discharge, dose/fill (in a contained way) powders from various types of storage vessels (rigid and flexible) acting in several fields such as: pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, precious metals, battery materials, etc.

Visval were involved in a containment project for a large pharmaceutical organisation where material undergoes several preparation steps prior to its introduction to the process. Material comes from the API manufacturer in liners stored in drums and then needs to be milled to comply with regulations. Once milled, the API is dispensed into portable containers to a specific target weight and then discharged into the process.

“The rigid nature of PuroVaso® made it ideal for moving the API between the preparation steps as well as being easy to weigh the product. Project costs could also be reduced due to the ability to re-use the containers”.

Sylvain Le Mézec – Visval

Director & Head of Business Development


The customer chose SoliValve® technology as its preferred containment device. During further testing, Visval offered the customer the chance to test both rigid and flexible storage for handling, filling, discharging, metering and containment. PuroVaso® containers immediately caught the customer’s attention for several reasons:

  • Rotomoulding ensures a smooth inside surface with no joins, unlike injection moulding.
  • Transparency of the container allows operators to see the product level during process steps.
  • Square shape of the bottle optimises storage volume. Cleanability and reusability is more sustainable than single use packaging.
  • Container shape allows self-standing during filling and discharging thereby facilitating handling.
  • Polyethylene is much lighter than stainless steel.

Technology is not the only important factor when selecting a supplier and both PuroVaso® and Visval impressed their customer with a responsive approach and thorough understanding of their production requirements. The combination of cutting-edge technology, active listening and flexibility to meet the customer’s needs, made PuroVaso® and Visval an ideal choice of partners.

Visval test rig – suitable for testing at customer’s site


The customer was impressed with the solution offered and has now ordered a number of PuroVaso® Opaque White 50 litre containers, all fitted with Passive- SoliValve® containment technology from Visval. The order includes PuroVaso’s range of handling accessories which ensure an accurate, repeatable and ergonomic handling solution. This is a first step and it is expected that they will expand the use of these containers for other critical process points in their factory in the near future.

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