PuroVaso® - the Altogether Better pharmaceutical container system for handling powders, granules and tablets

The PuroVaso® system has been specifically developed to provide effective solutions for the handling of powders, granules and tablet in the life science manufacturing processes.

PuroVaso Bottle

Greater Versatility

From 1 litre to 50 litre with five further sizes in between and with a choice of 100mm or 150mm necks, PuroVaso® offers the widest range of plastic container sizes available. No need to compromise on the container size, just select the volume that matches your batch size.

Smarter Handling

An intelligent range of accessories provide ergonomic handling solutions, for effortless handling.

Material Choice

PuroVaso® containers are available in three different choices of Polyethylene (PE) plastic materials.

An anti-static 'Opaque White' allows the visualisation of the fill level within the plastic container. The antic-static 'Pure White' provides a UV protection for light sensitive materials that may be stored and transported within the pharma process bottle. All PuroVaso® containers are suitable for ATEX dust applications, whilst the 'Conductive Black' is also suitable for ATEX gas applications.

Safety Compliance

Naturally, the PuroVaso® containers are manufactured from materials that comply with FDA and relevant European regulations. The containers can be sterilised using Gamma Irradiation and VHP methods.

To further widen the application area, the materials selected have been extensively tested by a third party specialist for conductivity resulting in the PuroVaso® containers being available in an FDA confirming Conductive Black for the most arduous ATEX environments.

Valve Options

PuroVaso containers are designed to fit any valve type with a try-clamp connection. A choice of DN100 and DN150 tribute-clamp necks allows the use with a wide range of international standard tri-clamp connections.

Intelligent Design

A container shape designed to allow better use of space!

A square bottle geometry maximises facility space and reduces equipment stack-up heights, and reduces storage & transport costs. The square geometry is suitable for tumble blending, and the discharge cone angles promoted effective powder discharge.

Low Cost Recyclable

PuroVaso® containers allow for lower capital expenditure and lower operation costs. Moudled from Polyethylene (PE), the containers offer a much lower initial investment cost compared with stainless steel containers. Unlike single use flexibles, the PuroVaso® containers can be washed to allow it to be re-used many times over.

At the end of the PuroVaso® containers useful life, the containers can be recycled. The Polyethylene (PE) materials can be ground down, melted and re-pelletised to allow them to be used in the manufacture of non-food contact products.

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